Skip Hire Guide: What Can You Put In Our Skips?

If you’re carrying out a construction project where there’ll be a fair amount of waste metals, you might want to hire one of our specialist skips. Not only is skip hire an organised way to approach your waste management, it also means that you can be offered a nice sum of money for the valuable metals that you’re disposing of. Let’s take a look at the items that might reward you with some extra cash once they’re in your skip.

Which Scrap Metals Are The Most Valuable?

The metals that can be sold for the most cash include steel, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, lead, platinum, gold and silver. Alloys will fetch a different price than pure metals, and any damage or corrosion to the metal can reduce its value.

Small Items With Valuable Metals

These are the things that people don’t usually consider as worth going in a skip. However, if you’ve got one of our specialist metal skip hire packages, you want to ensure that all the metal items you’re disposing of are going in. This will fetch you the most value.

Things like old cutlery sets, satellite dishes, TV antennas, golf clubs, doorknobs and even wires are worth popping in the skip. You can also add old metal instruments like trumpets and flutes to the skip.

scrap metal

Medium Sized Items With Valuable Metals

Some older houses may still have their old lead pipework lying around. If this is the case, you can recycle it and get a bit of extra cash! The same applies to large batteries, including car batteries, which also contain lead.

Any old electronics that have little resale value can also be tossed in our specialist metal skip hire. As well as bikes, gears, bearings and other metal fixings.

Large Items With Valuable Metals

Perhaps you’re stripping out a factory with lots of metal parts and equipment. Or you could be taking down a metal fence, disposing of a corrugated metal chicken coop, or anything else that’s made of metal. If you have a large project, skip hire is the best way to collect, transport and dispose of your scrap metal.

Is Scrap Metal Skip Hire Different?

The skips that we provide for scrap metal are specifically designed for this purpose. Therefore, they’re harder-wearing than standard skips. This means that any project can be managed with these, regardless of size.

For Scrap Metal Skip Hire, Choose M & E Bin Hire

We specialise in all things scrap metal. Therefore, if you’ve taken on a project which means there’ll be lots of waste metal to process, get in touch with us today. We can offer a range of skip sizes to suit a number of projects.

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