A Guide To Scrap Metal & Its Value

You may already know that you can get a bit of cash in exchange for your scrap metal. Do you know how much your metals are worth? We’ve put together a quick and simple guide to the types of metals you might come across, and how much you might expect to get for them.

Scrap Metal Quality

The quality of your metals will affect their price. If the metal is corroded or contaminated, this will reduce its value. Alloys tend to fetch a lower price, and ferrous metals aren’t worth as much as non-ferrous metals.

If you want to fetch a better price for your scrap metal, you should sort it into batches of each metal type and ensure its thoroughly cleaned. This can be very time consuming, and most often people find it much easier to deliver their metal unsorted and take a slightly lower price.

pile of scrap at scrap yard


It may surprise you to find out that copper is one of the most valuable scrap metals on the market. This is because it’s one of the most widely used metals worldwide. It’s used for wiring, plumbing, technology and construction projects, so there’s many industries that rely on a plentiful supply of copper.

Because it’s so widely used, it’s incredibly easy to come across. If you’re disposing of wiring, gutters, motors, plumbing fixtures, electronics or appliances, you more than likely have some scrap copper.


We recycle aluminium every day in the form of tin cans, food wrappers and foil. These are usually considered to be low grade aluminium, so they won’t fetch much value. You’re more likely to find valuable pieces of aluminium on vehicles. Wheels are often made of aluminium, as well as some of the body work and parts of cars.


Steel is often alloyed with other metals, so higher purities of steel will fetch a better price. Stainless steel is found in cutlery and kitchenware. Industrial kitchens usually have stainless steel countertops, so if you’re ripping one of these out it’s worth looking at recycling the scrap metal.

To Get Cash For Your Scrap Metal, Choose M & E Bin Hire

We pride ourselves on offering fair prices for all your scrap metals. If you’d like to get rid of some metal pieces and get a bit of extra cash in exchange for it, get in touch with us today.

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