Why Do Thieves Steal Catalytic Converters?

Catalytic converters are often the target of crime. The frequency at which this happens is increasing, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to park their vehicle somewhere secure. This begs the question – what motivates people to steal these items? Let’s discover more.

How Catalytic Converters Get Stolen

It’s actually surprisingly easy to remove a catalytic converter from a vehicle. They’re fitted to the exhaust of a vehicle, so they’re easy to access if you know where to look. Thieves will be prepared with a car jack and tools, and they will work quickly. It can take less than a minute to steal the converter in some cases.

Why Are They Stolen?

It seems like an awful lot of effort to jack up a vehicle and remove a part. However, there is a payoff. Catalytic converters are full of valuable metals, so they can fetch a high price at the scrapyard. They could get up to six hundred pounds in scrap metal value. Therefore, a criminal would only need to steal a small amount to make a big profit.

How To Prevent Your Car From Being A Target

Thieves will operate on any vehicle that’s easy to access and parked in a quiet spot. The best possible way to prevent your vehicle from being targeted is to park in a private, locked garage. Of course, this isn’t always possible, so there are other steps you can take.

If you must park in a public area, make sure your car is in a well-lit place. If you park in a public car park that has cameras, position your car in sight of the camera. Thieves don’t usually operate in places where they’re likely to get caught, so you should park in places that have lights and are covered by surveillance.

Catalytic Converter on car

Failing all of this, you should try to park your car with the rear end as close to a wall as possible. This will make it much more difficult for thieves to access the converter in order to steal it.

Can You Sell Your Own Catalytic Converter?

Of course! If you’re dismantling your car and want to sell your own catalytic converter for money, this is absolutely fine. Just be aware that once it’s removed, your vehicle very likely won’t meet the UK’s emission standards, and will therefore be illegal to drive. If you’re thinking of doing this, be prepared to scrap the whole vehicle.

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